• 01 Safety

    At CTMS, safety is not a buzz word, it is the foundation of our approach to everything we do. This includes ensuring our staff have the appropriate training, a safe and respect-orientated workplace, experienced mentorship programs, appropriate equipment and clear Health and Safety policies and procedures. Our PPE requirements for our staff are some of the most stringent in the industry. We will never compromise anyone’s safety.

  • 02 Building Relationships

    CTMS understands that constructive collaboration is the basis for building relationships. We work with our clients, stakeholders and the local community to ensure that work is completed in a timely and the least disruptive manner.

  • 03 Integrity

    CTMS provides fair and equitable services to all our clients. We’ll work within your framework to ensure the success of your project. CTMS is proud member and supporter of the union; LiUNA local 183.

  • 04 Responsiveness

    We understand the value and pressure of delivering projects on schedule. At CTMS we are committed to achieving your milestones with you.